Natural soaps for simple self-care

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Hancrafted for self-care

Welcome to Angelee & Co. We make handmade natural soaps using simple and recognizable ingredients. You deserve an easy self care routine and we're here to help.

  • "I really like the sample bar that I ordered. The smell is really relaxing and the coffee grounds feel good on my skin. I think I'll get the bigger one next time." - Jessica

    Eucalyptus & Balsam Fir Soap 
  • "The oats were great for exfoliation. Also loved how it cleaned my skin, but didn't feel like it was damaging my natural skin barrier. Overall satisfied ☺️" - Leanna

    Vanilla, Honey & Oats Soap 
  • "After a week of using your soap, I have to say I love ot!! The goats milk soap is so creamy and the natural sandalwood scent is nice and fragrant. I've gotten compliments on my scent as well. Definitely ill be buying more!!!" - Ryan

    Charcoal & Ivory Soap 
  • "The eucalyptus and fir soap smells so good! I really like the relaxed feeling I get after using it everyday. 10/10 would recommend." - Cheryl

    Eucalyptus & Balsam Fir Soap 
  • "I love using the Oats and Honey soap. The oats are a great exfoliant. My hands feel clean and smell so nice after every use."

    - Brian

    Vanilla, Honey, Oats Soap 
  • "The soap bar is so cute! I haven't tried it yet but the smell is amazing. Can't wait!" - Lauren

    Blood Orange & Zest Soap 
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